• Réalisation : Hiroshi Nishitani
  • Direction de production : Nadine Chaussonnière
  • Régie Générale : Jean Christophe Meneec
  • Régie Adjointe : Benoît LONCAN (Captain transport)
  • Auxiliaires de Régie :
  • Type : Long Métrage


Production : Comme de Cinémas
Période de tournage : 2016
Diffusion :

Casting : Paulina Brusca, Jun Fubuki, Masaharu Fukuyama

Lieux de tournage


Décors spéciaux


Mr. Makino is an artist with a spectacular talent. He is deeply admired for his incredibly adept and progressive classical guitar playing. As part of his work, as well as her work, the guitarist meets writer and journalist Yoko. She is not exactly chaste, sensible or trustworthy because despite being engaged and having a devoted fiance she gets the butterflies for the guitarist. There are two persons attracted to one another and it should not be.